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Thinking About Oil Pulling?

Dr. Les Miller at Lawrence Dental Solutions, Lawrence, KS explains the benefits of oil pulling.

Many of our clients ask our staff about oil pulling, have a friend or family member that regularly does oil pulling for their health, or have even tried it themselves. Check out some of the benefits of oil pulling below, what oil pulling is, and learn more about a product that will be available in our office soon! What are the benefits of oil pulling? Oil pulling is a holistic approach to pulling toxins out of the body. Reported benefits include: Reducing the amount of bacteria in the mouth that can lead to cavities, plaque, and bad breath. Oil pulling … Continue reading

Is there anything else I can be doing for my dental health?

probiotic can improve not only oral health

Many of our clients ask, “Is there anything else I can be doing for my dental health?” In many cases, a probiotic can improve not only oral health, but overall health as well. So what is a probiotic? Essentially, a probiotic is a combination of “good” bacteria that helps maintain a healthy balance of enzymes, bacteria, and acidic or alkaline levels within the body. Some probiotics are designed to target specific areas of the body such as the gut, skin, or mouth.   A dental probiotic can help balance pH levels of saliva, decrease plaque accumulation, and supports healthy teeth … Continue reading

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