Special Offers for New Patients

With years of education and experience behind us, we feel confident that our patients receive the utmost in dental care at Lawrence Dental Solutions. Under our care, each patient is treated as a whole individual, with an understanding about overall concerns and goals, and a focus that includes the body as well as the mouth. During your appointment with Dr. Les Miller or Dr. Kelly Miller, your needs and goals will be carefully listened to. In short, our patients are given center stage at their dental visits so that we may best meet their individual needs.

We want our new patients to feel comfortable and confident in the level of care they will receive within our office. We understand that choosing a new dentist is an important task, and encourage our new clients to consult with us and ask us all the questions they have regarding their oral health and the care we provide. With that understanding, we extend a special offer to new patients who are in the process of choosing their dental care provider.

It may not be easy to feel completely comfortable with a new dentist by simply making an appointment and coming in for care. We want you to feel sure that we are the right office for you before you schedule your valuable time to visit us personally.

Our invitation is that you call us to arrange for a complimentary, fifteen minute, one-one-one consultation during which you can personally meet Dr. Les Miller or Dr. Kelly Miller and discuss your dental concerns and goals. During this consultation, you will also have the opportunity to meet the member of the Lawrence Dental Solutions team, and see how our office works.

New patients love this opportunity to get to know their dentist before choosing him or her as their general provider. Our consultations do tend to book up quickly, so we recommend that you call to reserve your complimentary consultation early. Your appointment can be arranged with the Lawrence Dental Solutions Team, at (888) 993-1707.

We look forward to meeting you and serving your dental needs.
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