About Us

Here at Lawrence Dental Solutions, Dr. Les and Dr. Kelly work with clients not only from Lawrence, but from around the county. Our office treats people not just teeth, gums, and jaw joints. Our team works with clients to identify their goals and ensure the health, comfort, longevity, and appearance of each client’s teeth and smile. In our office, we focus on utilizing innovative technology, instruments, and techniques to provide each of our clients, and their families, an outstanding experience and comprehensive service.

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Client vs. Patient

At Lawrence Dental Solutions, we work for you. We consider everyone we have the opportunity to serve as a valued client. Dr. Les, Dr. Kelly, and our team want you to be an integral part of the process and experience you have in our office. In many offices, the” patient” comes to the doctor to be diagnosed and treated. The patient is dependent on the doctor for their health care decisions and results. We believe that creating an interdependent relationship between client and doctor works much better, especially for the client. In our office, we work with our clients to identify their goals, and help them achieve those goals. We are here to serve our clients, and join you every step of the way. We work for you, not on you.


Our Office

Our office is designed to create a warm and friendly atmosphere from the moment our clients enter to the time they leave. In our reception area, we work hard to keep our clients comfortable and keep them waiting as little as possible. In our treatment rooms, our team uses state of the art instrumentation to allow us to deliver the best possible care, quickly and with great results.