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Millions of people harbor such anxiety over dental treatment that they avoid visits to the dentist even when they are in dire need of care. In our family run dental practice, we want our patients to feel absolutely comfortable. We therefore work to establish this feeling of family between members of our professional dental team and every patient who comes to us for care. In order to build the trusting professional relationship you deserve to have with your dentist, we want to take any anxiety you have and lay it to rest for good, which we accomplish through sedation dentistry.

For years, IV sedation has been used in dentistry for more complex procedures. Lawrence Dental Solutions believes that there are other situations where sedation is warranted. For some, sedation is used to accomplish a number of procedures in a single visit. For others, dental anxiety spans to dental cleanings or restorative procedures like fillings or dental crowns. Your comfort is our priority. Should you feel stress over impending treatment, simply let us know and we will take steps to create the most comfortable environment possible. In addition to sedation, our patients can be treated to:

Sedation Dentistry by Lawrence Dental Solutions

  • Clear communication regarding dental procedures
  • Application of an aromatherapy neck wrap
  • Headphones and music from our in-room CD player
  • Blanket
  • Play area for children

About IV Sedation Dentistry

We use IV sedation in our practice because of the predictability and proven safety of this particular treatment. Using this technique, we are able to provide our patients with a prompt onset of conscious sedation, shortened recovery period, and lowered chance of side effects (nausea or vomiting). A lighter method than general anesthesia, IV sedation allows the patient to remain aware of his or her surroundings, but lessens the immediate response to external stimulation, leading to a most comfortable and stress-free appointment.

Prior to a sedation appointment, one of our dentists will consult with the patient to discuss details and thoroughly consider any concerns. During procedures including sedation, our patients are constantly monitored by an anesthesia specialist, allowing our team to focus attention on providing the highest quality dental treatment for optimal results. This monitoring continues throughout the recovery process as well, providing the utmost in safety and comfort.

What Our Patients Say About Sedation Dentistry Treatment

"Lawrence Dental Solutions is very professional and welcoming. We've been going here for years. The environment is clean and pleasant. Our kids love it here! The staff is very respectful and thorough. Highly recommended! " Chantel C.
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Due to the effects of sedative medication, it is necessary for our sedation patients to arrange a ride to and from their appointment, as driving cannot resume for 24 hours following treatment.
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