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Maintaining your smile at its best comes from teamwork with your dentist, which is precisely why it is most beneficial to keep regular visits every six months. We like to refer to these preventive care visits as recare appointments. These regularly scheduled appointments help us to better detect any changes that may have occurred in a patient's oral health early on, when a more conservative form of treatment is likely to correct the problem. Recare visits typically occur every six months, except when a patient may be combating a specific issue, such as advanced gum disease, when we want to keep a closer eye on the progression or maintenance.

Preventive care visits enable you to enjoy better oral health, possibly avoiding conditions like bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. Our experienced team remembers that the mouth is not isolated from the rest of the body, and has the specific knowledge that allow us to develop individualized plans for each patient based on his or her medical history and current oral concerns.

During each recare visit, our team will provide:
  • A thorough examination of teeth and gums
  • Professional teeth cleaning
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Digital x-rays when necessary
  • Discussion regarding any changes in oral or general health which may have occurred since the last visit
  • Personalized coaching to facilitate optimal oral hygiene practices at home

To enable us to detect potentially serious conditions, we utilize advanced technology such as digital x-rays, which minimizes radiation exposure while allowing us to immediately view images in their best form for diagnostic purposes as well as patient education. We may also perform intraoral photos to record and diagnose current conditions, and to give our patients a first-hand view of what is occurring in their mouths.

What Our Patients Say About Preventive Dentistry Services

"There wouldn't be enough room for me to write a full review of these wonderful people! They have been a blessing to me for the past year and a half! If I could give them 100 stars I would! I live in Perkins, Oklahoma. I willingly drive well over 4 hours to come to Lawrence Dental clinic to see Dr. Kelly and Whitney!!
They truly care about their patients and go above and beyond the call of duty! I will not go to another dentist even though there is one 10 minutes from my home. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!
" Chantal Y.
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One of the diagnostic tools we are very excited about is CariFree technology. This one-minute screening test allows us to become highly pro-active in combating tooth decay. When patients take part in this testing, they are able to determine the pH of the mouth, and subsequently make the most appropriate changes to eliminate acid producing bacteria before tooth decay can occur.

This truly innovative technology is ideal for those who:
  • Are at a higher risk of tooth decay
  • Prefer to be more proactive about preventive care
  • Experience dry mouth, called xerostomia
  • Are expecting a child, so as to lower the risk of transmission
  • Have exposed root surfaces
  • Plan to undergo restorative procedures, to facilitate the longevity of restorations
  • We also have a preventive program for children
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