What is the advantage of preventive dentistry in Lawrence?

What is the advantage of preventive dentistry in Lawrence?


Drs. Les and Kelly Miller are dedicated to keeping residents of Lawrence, KS, and surrounding communities healthy and happy. They work to help patients avoid oral health problems through education and quality dental care because prevention truly is the best cure.

How important is preventive care?

Caries (cavities) and periodontal disease are rampant problems in America, despite the fact that both are largely preventable. Why does this problem persist, even in our modern society with advanced medical and dental care? These diseases cannot be prevented with a “once and done” solution like a vaccination. Oral health requires an ongoing commitment.

Unfortunately, modern life is often detrimental to our health, including oral health, in many ways. In today’s harsh economic climate, many people struggle to afford basic health care, including dentistry. Simultaneously, our schedules become busier making it harder to keep appointments. Healthy meals often fall victim as well, and we turn to vending machines and fast food, sometimes without brushing afterwards. Poor nutrition, lax oral hygiene, and lack of regular dental care are a recipe for oral disease, which is far more costly (in time and dollars) than prevention.

Smiles are a team effort

No matter what dental problems you have, or what habits led to your current situation, we will not judge you. Our interest is in the many ways that we help you improve your quality of life with a healthy, beautiful smile. Our first priority is to restore your oral health and correct any cosmetic issues. Then we can help you keep that fabulous smile for life with a few good habits, and quick, convenient bi-annual visits.

Patient education is an important part of the services that we offer. Did you know that it is better to wait 30 minutes before brushing after high-acid foods and beverages? Did you know that you can avoid stains by drinking through a straw? The more you understand your own oral health, the better you can protect your smile – and we are here to help.

Call our office at (888) 993-1707 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Les Miller or Dr. Kelly Miller today – because your oral health is too important to compromise.

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