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In our commitment to proving the highest standard of care to our patients, we have integrated 3D imaging technology into our state-of-the-art dental practice. Improved from the standard two-dimensional x-rays that were once the norm, this approach is similar to the imaging that is possible with CAT scan, and comes with a number of benefits.

We utilize 3D imaging in a number of scenarios because it allows us to visualize any dental issues quickly, with a higher degree of accuracy. This is due to the fact that three-dimensional models may be evaluated from various angles as opposed to the level plane view of two-dimensional models. Truly advanced in its science, 3D imaging also allows us to view cross sections from a given digital model for in-depth analysis of both hard and soft tissues in the mouth.

3D CT Scan by Lawrence Dental Solutions

With cone beam CT (Computerized Tomography) and the resulting 3D models, our team can identify specific areas of concern, such as infections or other pathology. We can also locate the position of sinuses and nerve bundles, ensuring that they will not be affected during treatment. Finally, 3D imaging can supply a sneak peek at the final results of cosmetic dentistry treatment before we begin any procedures.

When discussing dental implants with patients, this type of imaging is ideal for the evaluation of bone levels and density. 3D imaging is also an integral part of the treatment design process, as the views obtained eliminate any guesswork about the optimal positioning of the implant.

The process of obtaining 3D images for dental use is quick and simple, taking less than a minute to complete. Patient comfort is heightened from that of traditional dental x-rays that require biting on film, and radiation exposure is significantly lowered, making this form of imaging a healthy alternative.

What Our Patients Say About 3D Imaging and Diagnostics Service

"I really like going to Lawrence Dental Solutions; not only do they accomodate your schedule changes, but they get you in and out pretty quickly with minimal waiting. Everyone there has been super friendly and helpful and they always have fun raffles/drawings going on! " Kara B.
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We are excited about the evolution of technology that allows us to serve our patients better! With 3D imaging, our team can create a truly personalized approach to each patient's needs and desires by visualizing the oral structure or specific area of concern better.
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