Dental care improved by 3D imaging in our Lawrence practice

Dental care improved by 3D imaging in our Lawrence practice


The power of imaging in medical and dental applications was realized early in the 20th Century. The state-of-the-art technology allowed physicians and dentists to observe internal structures without having to perform surgery. Since that time, we have seen significant advancements in diagnostic technologies, many of which assist in improving dental care. We are pleased to incorporate 3D imaging into our Lawrence practice. Dental imaging

Conventional x-rays offer a view of bone and other tissues based on their density. 3D imaging is more like the CT scan typically performed in hospitals. The precision of 3D technology shows us greater details in bone and other structures. The benefit to dental care is that 3D imaging shows us not only bone but also nerves, the sinus cavity, root canals and more. Observing vital maxillofacial structures means that we can perform care in the most conservative manner without compromising efficiency or safety. Greater efficiency also leads to improved comfort.

How 3D imaging works

What we see when we look at a conventional x-ray film is a grayscale image of internal structures. The degree to which bone or other tissue is visible is based on its energy in space. The harder the tissue, the more it stands out in x-rays. While there are benefits to this method, the perspective does not necessarily suit all of the needs of today's dental patient.

A cone-beam scan captures 3D images via rotation, all at different angles. The method is efficient, comfortable for the patient, and very fast. Individual images are processed in software that creates the virtual animation through which the final multi-dimensional view is achieved. When we observe this image on our screen, we have the ability to rotate it in all directions, seeing the details most important to our goals.

We use cone beam 3D imaging to reach the most predictable outcomes in a variety of dental procedures. These include oral surgeries, TMJ diagnosis and treatment, root canals, dental implants, and more.

Technology like 3D imaging plays an essential role in modern dentistry, separating speculation from truth. What this means for you is that you have the information you need to make confident decisions about your dental care.

Dental care is about discovery and about personal service, which we achieve visit by visit. Call Lawrence Dental Solutions at (888) 993-1707.

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