How Lawrence residents benefit from 3D imaging and diagnostics technique

How Lawrence residents benefit from 3D imaging and diagnostics technique


X-rays have long been an important part of dental care. These images allow your dentist to see the tooth roots, bone structure, and other details that are crucial to diagnostics and treatment planning. Although the concept of x-rays remains valuable, the technique has evolved dramatically.

Today’s technologically advanced dental office is equipped with Cone Beam 3D imaging, providing the dentist with a wealth of precision data not available through traditional methods. Drs. Les and Kelly Miller, of Lawrence, KS are dedicated to providing their patients with nothing but the best. Their office is equipped with the latest technology, including the Cone Beam scanner.

What is a CT scan?

CT is an acronym for computed tomography. It is also called CAT, or computed axial tomography, imaging. This technique uses a computerized, rotating scanning device to obtain multi-dimensional images. Traditional, two-dimensional images show the bony tissues from one angle. Multiple images are required if the doctor needs to see additional angles. Additionally, other scans such as an MRI would be performed if the doctor needed to see the vascular structure and soft tissues. CT scanning provides high-quality 3D images of the blood vessels, bones, and soft tissues.

Why we chose Cone Beam

There are many different CT scanning systems available, though we believe Cone Beam to be exceptional for several reasons. This innovative system utilizes an x-ray beam that is cone shaped, which reduces the level of radiation exposure. It also expedites the process, making your experience more comfortable and more convenient. This technique may be used for planning the placement of dental implants, evaluating the jaw joints, detecting areas of potential infection, examining impacted teeth, and more.

Cone Beam 3D imaging is just one example of the advanced technology and techniques that we utilize in our never-ending quest to provide exceptional quality, safe, healthy, and comfortable dental care to residents of Lawrence, KS, and surrounding areas. If you are ready to enjoy a different kind of dentistry, where your health and satisfaction always come first, call us at (888) 993-1707, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Les or Kelly Miller today.

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