Dental Implants at Lawrence Dental Solutions

Losing even a single tooth can create a number of issues in the smile. Not only do teeth shift to fill an empty space, but also bacteria find more places to hide when a gap is created by a lost tooth. Replacement, then, becomes a high priority. Until fairly recently, the only option available for the replacement of a single tooth was a dental bridge. Although this procedure is still used today, the optimal approach is to restore function in as natural a way as possible, which can be accomplished with dental implants.

A dental implant is a permanent appliance that is inserted into the jawbone, ultimately creating an alternative root system that provides the same level of support as a natural root. This feature is what makes dental implants a good alternative to the dental bridge, which relies on the support of adjacent teeth for full function, calling for the alteration of those teeth. With a dental implant, the patient receives a restoration that stands alone, affecting no other teeth while improving the appearance of the smile.

Dental implants are also widely used as a denture alternative, or as support to a denture appliance. Those who have worn dentures understand the limitations of traditional appliances that float on top of the gums and jaw bone. Using dental implants, the denture wearer can experience a vastly improved restoration, in which there are no limitations to the types of foods eaten. Dental implants and implant-supported dentures are firmly situated as well, eliminating the discomfort typically associated with dentures rubbing against the gums.

Today, implants can be placed along with a temporary tooth in a single visit. As we plan for implant treatment, we include the patient every step of the way, even showing them what the finished product will look like before treatment has even started. Based on the design created in the planning stage of treatment, the entire procedure can be facilitated with 3D imaging, producing a predictable outcome with superior results.

Whether you are missing a single tooth or are interested in replacing traditional dentures with those supported by implants, we can assure you that this form of treatment will restore your smile to its most beautiful and comfortable state. Contact us for your dental implant consultation today.

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