Lawrence Mercury Free dentist explains who can improve their smile with dental implants

Lawrence Mercury Free dentist explains who can improve their smile with dental implants


A missing tooth can seriously harm a person’s self-esteem. Worry over whether people are noticing their smile and their friendly demeanor or the gap where that tooth used to be can cause patients to hide their smile behind closed lips, their hair, or their hand. Worse, it can cause them to smile less frequently. While the damage to self-confidence is important, a lost tooth can also affect the health of the mouth. When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth can shift without its support and bacteria has a larger place to grow.

Many patients with a missing tooth want a long-term or permanent solution and one that looks as natural as it feels. With dental implants, patients have the fix they need. Simply stated, a dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is inserted directly into the jaw. Because the procedure requires surgery through the gum and into the jawbone, patients considering dental implants must:

  • Have good oral health and healthy gum tissue
  • Be healthy and have overall wellness
  • Must have good daily oral hygiene

Further, dental implants are a good replacement tooth option for patients with a missing tooth or with severely decayed teeth and who are unable to wear removable dentures or who find that removable dentures cause gum irritation. Patients who use tobacco or grind their teeth are not candidates for dental implants. In addition, those individuals who have diabetes, blood or other chronic diseases, or who are pregnant cannot undergo dental implant surgery.

While dental implants are not a fast solution – the entire process can take several months because the bone will need time to heal – they are a long-term solution that give patients a healthy, confident, and happy smile. The replacement tooth, which attaches to the artificial tooth root, is custom-made to be a perfect match with the patient’s natural and remaining teeth. With a dental implant, individuals can smile brightly, speak clearly, and eat all of their favorite foods.

Dr. Les Miller and Dr. Kelly Miller have deep experience in helping patients recover their smile with dental implants. To learn more call the office of Lawrence Dental Solutions today.

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