Overcoming fear with IV sedation dentistry in Lawrence

Overcoming fear with IV sedation dentistry in Lawrence


Dental anxiety may be a common topic of jokes and cartoons, but we don't think it's a laughing matter. We understand that fear is very real, and it is not easily overcome. Some patients are simply nervous, as soon as they realize how gentle and caring our team is, they relax. However, for some individuals just the thought of dentistry is stressful, no matter how pleasant the experience. We do not believe that fear should prevent anyone from enjoying great oral health, which is one of the reasons we offer IV sedation.

What is IV sedation?

IV stands for intravenous, meaning that the medication is delivered directly to your bloodstream. This method has a number of advantages over oral sedatives for many individuals. The first of which is speed. The medication takes effect very quickly, without you needing to take pills in advance.

IV sedation is sometimes called “sleep dentistry” although that is misleading. Although it is similar to general anesthesia, you will be conscious and in control of your body throughout the process. It would be more accurately described as dream dentistry, because you enter a dream-like state of relaxation. Additionally, many patients tell us that it is a dream come true to be able to relax throughout a dental appointment. As an added bonus, many people have little to no memory of the dental procedure.


Your safety and comfort are always of utmost concern to Dr. Les Miller and Dr. Kelly Miller. They will take a comprehensive medical history before recommending sedation, to ensure that you are a good candidate. When administered by a trained professional, IV sedation has an excellent record of safety. It has the advantage of being adjustable. We can customize the dose to achieve your optimal level of relaxation, without overmedicating.

Additional benefits

Sedation isn't just for the dentally fearful patient. Those with claustrophobia, strong gag reflexes, or difficulty holding still appreciate the help relaxing as well. It also fosters a faster recovery time, with less muscle fatigue. This allows us to perform more dental work in a single visit, which can be a great convenience.

If you would like to learn more about the sedation dentistry, or schedule an appointment, call our Lawrence, KS, office at (888) 993-1707.

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