Get to know what sedation dentistry is in Lawrence and what it can do for your comfort level

Get to know what sedation dentistry is in Lawrence and what it can do for your comfort level


Sedation serive near Lawrence, KS 66049, United States In our vicinity alone are hundreds of individuals who fear seeing the dentist. If you have yet to visit Lawrence Dental Solutions, you do not know the extent to which we go to keep each patient comfortable. Our team is recognized for the gentle approach we take to dental care. We understand, however, that there are times when gentleness simply is not enough. Whether you feel extreme anxiety or you just need a little help relaxing during your visits, we are happy to assist you with safe, effective sedation.

We take a three-pronged approach to service. Through various measures, we make each patient comfortable physically while also fostering peace of mind.

The need for a welcoming environment has not been overlooked in our practice. In addition to a friendly, professional staff, we have designed our office to promote feelings of relaxation.

Comfort is also supported through open communication. We do not rush through any visit, whether routine or restorative in nature. When you require treatment for a cosmetic or health concern, you will be provided with the full extent of information you need. We take the time to answer your questions so you can feel confident in the care recommended to you. When you visit us, we do not want you to feel as though we are working on you. Rather, that we are working with you to promote health and wellness.

What sedation dentistry offers to our Lawrence patients

With our standards for excellence, we ensure physical and emotional comfort through the option of IV sedation. This method of relaxation has been a mainstay in medicine for well over a century. We believe that dental patients deserve the same consideration. IV sedation is not reserved only for major cases, but for your needs, whatever they may be. Under the direct supervision of an experienced anesthesiologist, you can rest calmly through dental care, putting aside the fear that has kept you from achieving optimal oral health.

Your healthiest smile need not be hidden behind the obstacle of fear. Contact Lawrence Dental Solutions to learn more about sedation dentistry.

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