Lawrence residents enjoy more options in dentistry with sedation

Lawrence residents enjoy more options in dentistry with sedation


Our goal is to help every person in Lawrence and surrounding areas enjoy a beautiful, pain-free, disease-free smile. With our advanced technology, cosmetic skills, and healthy techniques, we have the tools to make that happen. Yet, many people continue to suffer with toothaches, poor health, and embarrassment – often due to fear. If you are among the countless individuals who postpone dental care until the problem becomes intolerable, sedation may open up a new world of smiles.

Dental sedation is safe and effective. We begin by reviewing your medical history, and gathering information such as allergies, and any medications you are currently taking, before determining if you are a good candidate. We use IV sedation, allowing us to adjust the dosage precisely to achieve your optimal level of relaxation.

IV dental sedation is not the same as general anesthesia. Although sedation dentistry is often called "sleep dentistry," we use milder medications than those used for surgical patients in hospitals.

Feel the fear melt away. Sedative medication induces a state of tranquility. You may feel drowsy or dreamy, and you may drift off into a pleasant nap while your smile is being transformed. With our gentle techniques and compassionate chair side manner, you won't need to worry about that fear returning.

It's over before you know it. Most patients have minimal awareness of the passage of time, and often little to no memory of time during which they were sedated. Hours may feel like minutes, which is a great benefit to anxious patients. It is also advantageous for the busy patient who wishes to combine multiple procedures into one convenient visit.

The smile of your dreams can be a reality. You don't have to avoid basic dental care, or even elective procedures. Just sit back and relax while we transform your smile! Call us at (888) 993-1707 and schedule an appointment to find out if sedation is right for you.

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