Are you trying to avoid the dentist? Consider the option of sedation in Lawrence instead.

Are you trying to avoid the dentist? Consider the option of sedation in Lawrence instead.


Facing a visit to the dentist causes some apprehension in many patients. The sounds, the uncertainty, and having someone so close can cause a bit of anxiety for even the most fearless of patients. However, in some cases, fear of the dentist can be so intense that it keeps patients, of any age, from even getting into the dentist’s chair.

While dentists understand of the anxiety that many people have, they also know that without regular dental care, the health of your mouth will suffer. That’s why Dr. Les Miller and Dr. Kelly Miller offer sedation dentistry. With sedation, patients remain conscious, but heavily relaxed so that they can undergo preventative or restorative dental care.

There are many forms of sedation dentistry, but the one that has the most predictable results is sedation that is administered intravenously. With IV sedation, administered by a nurse anesthesiologist who carefully monitors the patient throughout the procedure, the dentists can focus on the dental task. IV sedation in the dentist office differs from the type of sedation a patient would receive in an operating room. With dental IV sedation, the patient can respond to commands and answer questions. Although patients are unlikely to remember much about the procedure, they are conscious throughout the appointment. The sedation medication is given to the patient once they arrive and it can be adjusted throughout the procedure if necessary. When the IV is removed, the patient may feel groggy for a while after the appointment, so it will be necessary to arrange a ride home.

In addition to receiving necessary dental treatment, another advantage of IV sedation is that patients can begin to replace bad memories and experiences with good ones, leading to enhanced overall comfort about dental treatment and a more positive relationship with the dentist. If fear of the dentist is keeping you from picking up the phone to make an appointment, or if you have an upcoming procedure that is causing you great anxiety, call the Lawrence Dental Solutions office today to discuss your option of sedation dentistry. Both dentists in our practice are committed to helping patients achieve the best oral health possible with a variety of treatments, expert care, and gentle bedside manner.

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