Beyond fear: Is sedation dentistry appropriate for non-phobic patients in Lawrence?

Beyond fear: Is sedation dentistry appropriate for non-phobic patients in Lawrence?


Medical patients have long enjoyed the benefits of sedation during certain procedures, but traditionally that was not the case for dental patients. Only in recent years has sedation dentistry become available at select dental practices. Drs. Les and Kelly Miller are proud to offer this option to their patients.

The soothing effects of sedation have allowed countless individuals in Lawrence and surrounding communities to put their fears to rest, and enjoy the spectacular smiles they deserve. However, many of the patients who request sedation are not fearful, and they already know how amazingly gentle Drs. Miller and their team are. Although sedation dentistry is associated with high-fear patients, that is only one of many benefits.

Ultimate comfort

Some people hate sitting in a dental chair for reasons other than fear. Perhaps you have claustrophobia, and you cannot tolerate someone being "in your face." Maybe you have a strong gag reflex, which can make dentistry uncomfortable for you, and slow down the procedure. Then again, you may be hyperactive, restless, or simply not like to sit still for extended periods. In all of these situations, sedation could help you relax and enjoy the most efficient treatment possible.

Ultimate convenience

If you are like most people in today's busy world, making an appointment requires considerable juggling of your schedule. When you need extensive dental care, attending a series of frequent appointments only multiplies the complications. Often, we can complete several different procedures in a single appointment when the patient is sedated. The medication reduces your awareness of the passage of time, as well as encouraging muscular relaxation. Both of these facts allow you to remain calm and comfortable throughout a lengthy visit, while minimizing dental chair fatigue.

Ultimate care

Although a sedated patient is conscious, he or she tends to be relaxed and hold very still. This allows the dentist to work efficiently, and focus exclusively on the procedure with no distractions. Therefore, your dental care can be completed more quickly and efficiently, with unparalleled quality of results.

Drs. Miller are committed to providing excellence in dentistry and customer service for residents of Lawrence and surrounding communities. Call us at (888) 993-1707 and schedule your appointment today.

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