Raising the bar in dental care with sedation in Lawrence

Raising the bar in dental care with sedation in Lawrence


No one looks forward to being ignored, lectured, subjected to pain, or treated like a number instead of a person. If this sounds like your past dental experiences, it’s time for a different kind of dental care. Drs. Les and Kelly Miller, of Lawrence, believe that every patient deserves individual attention, customized treatment, and painless, stress-free dental care. For many people, dental sedation is an important part of that equation.

Is sedation right for you?

Dental fear is an all too common problem, with varying degrees of severity. If your heart races, your knuckles turn white, and your breath is snatched away by panic when you step through the door of a dentist’s office, then the benefits of sedation are obvious. For some high-fear patients, it is the only way they can bring themselves to receive dental treatment.

For some patients with mild anxiety or no anxiety at all, sedation may be unnecessary. Many people find that our gentle techniques, compassionate chair side manner, and relaxing environment take the unpleasantness out of dental care. However, even those who feel relaxed and at ease in our office may choose sedation occasionally, to alleviate discomfort and dental chair fatigue if lengthy treatments are needed. This often enables us to combine multiple procedures into one convenient visit.

If you think that dental care can’t be a pleasant experience, you have never experienced the level of care provided by Drs. Miller. Call (888) 993-1707 and schedule a consultation at out Lawrence practice, and let us give you a reason to smile!

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