Understanding the philosophy of holistic dentistry in Lawrence

Understanding the philosophy of holistic dentistry in Lawrence


If you are new to the world of holistic dentistry, the concept may seem a bit confusing at first. Holistic dentistry is not a specialty, nor is it a specific procedure or technique. What exactly is it? It is a way of thinking, practicing, and making decisions. It is an uncompromising dedication to your wellness.

Whole mouth, whole body, whole health

When you think of dental care and oral health, you probably think of teeth. However, those teeth are supported by bone, ligaments, and other connective tissues. If that support system is not strong and healthy, neither are your teeth. In a healthy mouth, the tooth roots and bone are covered with firm, resilient gum tissue, which seals out harmful bacteria. When this tissue becomes infected, every aspect of your oral health can suffer, and research shows the negative effects may spread throughout your body.

Teeth cannot be treated as separate entities, because they are part of a greater whole. Similarly, your mouth is not stand-alone; it is part of your entire body. All of your liquid, nutrients, and a significant portion of your oxygen supply pass through your mouth. Your body readily absorbs substances through your bloodstream, stomach, and lungs. Toxins may be encountered in many forms, ranging from bacteria associated with oral disease to dental materials. Holistic dentistry is performed using the safest, most biocompatible materials available.

Better options for better results

Of course, no health care professional deliberately poisons his or her patients. However, some providers simply take safety ratings at face value, and others cling to the old-school approach of treating teeth as if they were unrelated to the rest of the body. As holistic practitioners, Drs. Les and Kelly Miller do not accept a product simply because it has been deemed safe enough to be legal. They only use dental materials that they personally believe in, that are biocompatible, safe, and as natural as possible.

Whether we are simply cleaning your teeth, or performing a full smile makeover, we will be mindful of your health and safety every step of the way. That includes the use of non-toxic materials, conservative options, and gentle techniques. The best way to understand the difference that holistic dentistry can make is to experience it for yourself. Call us at (888) 993-1707 and schedule an appointment.

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