Mercury free and more: Choosing a health-conscious dentist in Lawrence

Mercury free and more: Choosing a health-conscious dentist in Lawrence


There is a common misconception that your mouth is an independent entity, and its health is separate from the health of the rest of your body. That is simply not true, and a wealth of research in recent years has proven the fact. From gum disease to sleep apnea, emerging science is proving that your mouth is crucial to overall health and quality of life. Dr. Les Miller and Dr. Kelly Miller have an unwavering dedication to improving and protecting the health of their patients in every way possible.

What biocompatibility means to you

Mercury, which comprises about half of dental amalgam, is certainly one of the most familiar questionable dental materials. However, our commitment to healthy dentistry encompasses our entire practice; it is not just about one material. Biocompatible literally means compatible with life. The term is usually used in reference to dental or medical materials, indicating that they do not have harmful or toxic effects on living tissues. Of course, the biocompatibility of materials is regulated by law to a certain extent. However, some materials are safer than others are, and some materials are legal at this point, but still quite controversial.

The situation is similar to choosing cleaners or other household products. Although there are safety regulations, you will find some products with mild toxins alongside of natural, non-toxic alternatives on the store shelves. Some people select the safest available product, and other people will choose the best known, least expensive, or most convenient product without regard for toxicity. Similarly, dentists often have a choice between products or techniques, and Drs. Miller are among the select few who always strive for safest, most biocompatible option.

Healthy is beautiful

Our commitment to healthy dentistry does not come at the expense of beautiful results. To the contrary, the most biocompatible materials also tend to be the most cosmetic. In the past, people were quite accustomed to seeing metal fillings, or even entire teeth encased with metal crowns. Due to the popularity of cosmetic dentistry, and improvements in materials, people today expect teeth to look like teeth. This is best accomplished with tooth-colored, biocompatible materials such as porcelain and resin.

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