Healthy is beautiful with mercury free dentistry in Lawrence

Healthy is beautiful with mercury free dentistry in Lawrence


The benefits of composite fillings

There are several alternatives to dental amalgam, though the most popular is composite resin. This biocompatible, esthetically pleasing material revolutionized cosmetic and holistic dentistry. Composites have been in use since the 1950s, and they have improved considerably during that time, especially within the last decade. Modern composite materials are beautiful, durable, and strong with excellent adhesion to the tooth surface.

Composite resin fillings are often referred to as cosmetic tooth fillings because, unlike metal, they can be made to look natural. A talented cosmetic dentist will match the material precisely to the shade of the surrounding enamel, for an indiscernible restoration. However, appearance is only one of many benefits. Amalgam does not bond to the tooth surface, so considerable preparation is needed to enlarge and shape the cavity for optimal retention. Composite, on the other hand, requires very little tooth preparation, making this a very conservative procedure.

Choosing the right dentist

Recently, there has been growing concern about amalgam (mercury) among general dentists and the public at large. As the demand for an alternative to amalgam increases, composite resin is becoming the filling material of choice in many dental offices. However, composite fillings are technique sensitive, and may be challenging for a dentist who is new to the procedure. As dedicated holistic dentists, Drs. Les and Kelly Miller have long practiced mercury free and metal free dentistry. They have extensive experience working with composites and other biocompatible, cosmetic materials.

If you currently have amalgam fillings that you would like replaced, it is important to choose a mercury safe dentist, such as Drs. Miller. Any dentist who avoids the use of amalgam and other mercury-containing substances is mercury free. Only those who follow specific protocols to protect the safety of the patient and staff members from mercury exposure during amalgam removal are considered mercury safe.

In our office, health and beauty go hand in hand. Let us reveal your best smile with conservative techniques and biocompatible, cosmetic materials. Call (888) 993-1707 and schedule a consultation at our Lawrence office today.

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