How safe is the removal of mercury fillings in Lawrence?

How safe is the removal of mercury fillings in Lawrence?


What is amalgam?

Amalgam was once the “gold standard” material for fillings, and it is still commonly used in many dental offices across America. However, it has become the subject of bitter debate over health and safety. The material contains about half mercury, which is the second most toxic substance on earth. The other compounds in the formula stabilize the mercury, although it still emits a small amount of vapor, especially when subjected to heat or pressure from chewing.

How mercury fillings are removed

Our doctors strictly adhere to the mercury safe protocol set forth by the Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. It includes the use of physical barriers, air filtering, and a different filling removal technique. Rather than being drilled out, it is removed in the largest chucks possible, while the temperature is kept to a minimum. This approach simultaneously reduces the amount of vapor and particulate matter, while preventing anyone from breathing, ingesting, or absorbing what is released.

Safe removal – safe restoration

Of course, once a filling is removed it needs to be replaced. We use porcelain and composite resin dental materials, which are beautiful, durable, metal free, and biocompatible. The best type of restoration will depend on the condition of the tooth. If it is strong and has sufficient structure remaining, we can place a new filling. However, if the tooth structure is weak or severely damaged, it may need the protection of a dental crown.

You may wonder why your tooth would need a crown now, if a filling was sufficient when it was originally restored. Often, additional tooth damage occurs after the amalgam filling is placed. Because amalgam reacts to heat more quickly than tooth material, the filling can expand and create pressure every time you eat or drink something hot. Over time, this may result in fracturing of the tooth, often accompanied by decay. This is one of the most common reasons for failure of an amalgam filling.

There is no need to compromise between health and beauty. When you visit Dr. Les or Kelly Miller, you can have the best of both worlds – and you can have your personal best smile! Call us at (888) 993-1707 and set up an appointment today.

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