Your dentist in Lawrence KS puts your health first

Your dentist in Lawrence KS puts your health first


We are all so familiar with our own bodies that it can be easy to think that certain parts are separate from others. The wealth of data provided by years of research indicates the direct effect of oral health on the rest of the body. Your dentist in Lawrence, KS understands this fact to the point of remaining dedicated to use only the best materials for dental treatments. Dr. Les and Dr. Kelly Miller do not waver in their commitment to treat the mouth as a part of the whole body, carefully choosing materials that will promote health and wellbeing.

Biocompatibility is more than a buzzword

In recent years, we have heard the term "biocompatible" more often than ever before. This is because biocompatibility is vitally important to lifelong health. When our bodies are treated in any way, be it with medical or dental care, the materials used will have an impact. In dentistry, biocompatible means having no adverse effect on oral tissues or the rest of the body.

Not all dentists practice with this high standard. Although many dental materials such as dental amalgam are perfectly within the regulated guidelines for use, that does not mean they are safe or healthy. Our practice is designed to facilitate health. The materials we use have been proven safer for dental restorations. Composite or ceramic fillings, for instance, will not emit mercury vapor as amalgam fillings do. All ceramic or porcelain crowns, as well, are metal-free restorations that will not affect health.

Healthy can be beautiful

Side benefits to the biocompatible materials used by discerning dentists today include excellent durability as well as beauty. Early in dentistry, and still today, conventional materials can mar the smile, leaving dark spots after restoration. Many biocompatible materials look just like natural enamel, which means your smile will not only be healthier, but will remain beautiful as well.

Dr. Les Miller and Dr. Kelly Miller put the health of their patients first. Contact our office for your appointment.

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