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Is there anything else I can be doing for my dental health?

probiotic can improve not only oral health

Many of our clients ask, “Is there anything else I can be doing for my dental health?” In many cases, a probiotic can improve not only oral health, but overall health as well. So what is a probiotic? Essentially, a probiotic is a combination of “good” bacteria that helps maintain a healthy balance of enzymes, bacteria, and acidic or alkaline levels within the body. Some probiotics are designed to target specific areas of the body such as the gut, skin, or mouth.


A dental probiotic can help balance pH levels of saliva, decrease plaque accumulation, and supports healthy teeth and gums by building a healthy bacteria population in the mouth. While our office has always encouraged our clients to take a probiotic regularly, we have recently started carrying ProbioMax. ProbioMax DDS is specifically designed for dental health by providing the body with a healthy amount of streptococcus salivarius DSM bacteria.


ProbioMax is available to all of our clients—we even carry the kids’ version! Both come in the form of chewable tablets in mint and strawberry flavors. If you are interested in learning more, or purchasing a box, just let us know next time we see you or give our office a call !

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