Lawrence dental patients achieve a confidence boost with smile makeovers

Lawrence dental patients achieve a confidence boost with smile makeovers


When you brush your teeth in the morning, are you thinking about your daily list of responsibilities, the fun event you have planned for the weekend, or your child’s upcoming birthday? On the other hand, are you critiquing your smile – wondering if it’s too dark or stained, worrying that people are noticing your misaligned teeth, or feeling the tooth that’s been chipped for many years? Frequently, patients in Lawrence find themselves wishing they could improve their smiles and, with it, their self-confidence.

Dr. Les Miller and Dr. Kelly Miller help patients get the smile they want with cosmetic dentistry. For many years, our doctors have used their dental expertise, along with their gentle and respectful care, to work with patients. They understand that the key to great results comes when patients can trust their dentist. To that end, the dentists listen carefully to patients as they describe what flaws they see in the mirror. Only then do they begin to develop a treatment plan. Patients can feel confident that their treatment plan will be customized to the treatments they need, the budget they can afford, and with procedures that fit their lifestyle.

In some cases, one single treatment will give patients the confidence boost that they need. In other situations, patients may need several treatments and a complete smile makeover. Common cosmetic dental procedures that are often included in a smile makeover include:

Teeth whitening: Most adults begin to notice that their smile isn’t as bright as it used to be. Coffee, red wine, pasta sauces, and dark beverages can leave your teeth dark or stained. While over-the-counter white strips and toothpastes claim to eliminate these stains, most patients find that professional whitening helps them achieve better results in a shorter period.

Dental implants: A missing tooth can have a dramatic effect on a smile and on the health of your mouth. Not only does a gap in the smile make patients feel self-conscious, without that tooth, the mouth is missing much needed support. With dental implants, patients can achieve a natural and healthy smile that they can feel great about.

Cosmetic bonding: Cavities are common in many dental patients. When food particles are left on the teeth, they can cause decay. In the past, cavities were filled with a metal filling that was silver or dark in color. Now, teeth can be filled with a bonding material that is tooth-colored, making the filling practically invisible.

If you’re considering a smile makeover, call Dr. Les Miller or Dr. Kelly Miller today to schedule a consultation.

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