Changing lives with smile makeovers in Lawrence

Changing lives with smile makeovers in Lawrence


Do you wish that you could change something about your smile? Or perhaps there are many things you would like to change. Gaps, stains, crooked or missing teeth, and more can be corrected in a beautiful and healthy way with a smile makeover. Drs. Les and Kelly Miller use the latest advanced technology and biocompatible materials, along with artistic talents, to make the smile of your dreams come true.

A smile that suits your style

According to psychologists, we form first impressions within seconds of meeting a stranger. Before you have an opportunity to describe or demonstrate who you are, people have formed opinions, and possibly even passed judgments. Your smile is a defining feature, not only of your physical appearance, but also of the image you project.

A truly talented cosmetic dentist can go beyond simply repairing flaws, to tailoring your smile according to your facial features and desired “look.” Even minor variations in aspects such as the coloring, length, and contours of teeth can make a big difference in the image that your smile projects. A talented cosmetic dentist can craft a smile that is bold, subtle, youthful, sophisticated, feminine, masculine…

Healthy is beautiful

Smile makeovers are associated with cosmetic concerns. If your teeth are healthy, but unattractive, a smile makeover will involve purely cosmetic improvement. However, in most cases the process is more than simply cosmetic. Diseased, decayed, damaged, or missing teeth present health and aesthetic problems. We use materials and techniques that are both cosmetic and biocompatible to restore your oral health while creating your dazzling smile.

Choosing the best options

We will work with you to develop a treatment plan. Every person is a unique individual, and your needs are unlike anyone else’s. Depending on your oral health and the nature of your specific goals, a smile makeover can be as simple as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. It may also be as complex as treating oral disease and replacing missing teeth. A complete makeover includes whatever it takes for you to love your smile again.

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