Enjoy a brighter smile with teeth whitening in Lawrence

Enjoy a brighter smile with teeth whitening in Lawrence


Have you ever walked into a room full of people, and stood in a corner hoping no one would approach? Whether it is a party or a business conference, flashing a yellow smile certainly won't make a good impression. Of course, hiding from the crowd, refusing to smile, and insisting on eating alone won't make a good impression either. Don't worry; we have a solution, and you can have a brilliant smile in time for that important event!

Commercial products

You might think that the simplest option is over-the-counter teeth whiteners. Unfortunately, these products tend to deliver disappointing results, and they are slow to work. Products sold in stores do not have the same concentration of whitening agents (sometimes not even the same active ingredients) as professional formulas. Additionally, they do not have the safety of professional application or supervision.

Professional products

If you want the brightest smile possible, without risking soft tissue irritation or other complications associated with do-it-yourself whitening, it is advisable to see a dentist. Drs. Les and Kelly Miller, of Lawrence, offer a number of excellent, effective, safe solutions to meet the individual needs of each patient.

In-office whitening is the fastest way to achieve dramatic smile improvement. You can go from lemony to snowy in about an hour. If you want to whiten today, and make a great impression later today, this is the answer.

At-home whitening is a bit more gradual than in-office treatment, with optimal results developing over several days to a couple of weeks. It you want to touch-up your teeth at will, or want the convenience of whitening in your own home and on your schedule, this is the best option.

Whitening Forever is a unique program, including an initial whitening kit and future touchup trays at each six-month visit for one low price. If you intend to keep your regular check-ups and you want a sparkling smile for the rest of your life, this is the solution for you.

There is no feeling quite like walking in a room and turning heads with your brilliant smile. If it has been too long since you have felt that kind of pride, call (888) 993-1707 and schedule an appointment today.

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