Advantages of professional teeth bleaching in Lawrence

Advantages of professional teeth bleaching in Lawrence


If you’ve noticed that your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be, you’re not alone. Many adult dental patients find that their teeth begin to show the telltale signs of morning coffee habits and years of eating and drinking dark foods and beverages. Residents in Lawrence are also quick to notice that the market is full of dental products that make strong claims about their ability to erase those stains from your teeth. A trip through the grocery store reveals many toothpastes, strips, and gels while late night infomercials offer whitening trays. With all of these products, many patients wonder if they can perform their own whitening treatments.

Dr. Les Miller and Dr. Kelly Miller caution patients who are considering products that sound too good to be true. Often they leave patients disappointed by the lack of results. Worse, they can cause teeth and gums to become sensitive or sore. The dentists advise patients to consider the advantages of professional teeth bleaching:

  • Customized treatment: From the first appointment, you will be treated as a unique individual. With this team of dental professionals, there’s no set in stone treatment plan, instead we take the time to understand what results you want to see, what the cause of your discoloration may be, and how soon you expect to see results. From this appointment, the team will determine the appropriate level of bleaching gel, how frequently it should be used, and determine what follow up treatments may be beneficial.
  • Safety: Not only is professional teeth whitening more effective than over-the-counter products, it’s also safer. Patients are taught how to use the bleaching gel and how the trays should fit. Our team will work with you to ensure that you completely understand how the whitening works and are available to answer any questions you may have during the treatment.
  • Professional guidance: By working with a professional dentist, you become part of the team with a common goal of achieving a better smile. When you have questions, you simply need to pick up the phone and call us. If you’re not sure that you’re seeing the results you wanted, you can schedule a visit. Furthermore, if you need a touch up a few months down the road, you can use the same whitening trays with a refill of the bleaching agent.

If you want to improve your smile with whiter, brighter teeth, call the Lawrence Dental Solutions team today.

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