Get customized dentures from your Lawrence dentist

Get customized dentures from your Lawrence dentist


In ancient times, humankind searched for the fountain of youth in magic potions and mystical places. Today, we turn to modern science and advanced medicine. Individuals wishing to reduce the signs of aging flock to dermatologists and plastic surgeons every day. However, there is a little-known fact in the war against aging. The fountain of youth that you are seeking just might be found at your dentist's office, right here in Lawrence, KS.

Missing teeth and aging faces

In youth, our faces have lovely contours, covered by smooth skin. With age, those contours diminish and the skin begins to sag. Normally the process is very slow, but some individuals develop sunken-looking faces and deep wrinkles very quickly. Have you ever wondered why that is?

Many factors can affect the aging process, one of the most common being the loss of natural teeth. Ideally, the crowns (visible part) of teeth hold your jaws a certain distance apart. The roots of teeth stimulate the jawbone, keeping it strong and healthy. When teeth are lost, the bone no longer has this stimulation, and begins to deteriorate. Your gumline also recedes without teeth. The result is a loss of structure, which supports your face.

A different kind of denture

Traditional dentures replace teeth. They do not compensate for changes in your facial structure. They can even hasten the bone loss, because they cause pressure on the jaw without stimulation. Drs. Les and Kelly Miller are proud to offer their patients Fountain Of Youth Dentures®, which provide unique health and aesthetic benefits.

These dentures are custom-made, using the principles of advanced smile design with neuromuscular dentistry. When taking impressions, we are concerned with far more than the shape of your gumline. We ensure that your facial muscles are supported, yet unrestricted when moving or resting. We compensate for diminished facial structure, restoring the natural height and contours of your jawline.

Due to the neuromuscular design of Fountain Of Youth Dentures®, they actually stimulate the jawbone, slowing or stopping further deterioration. Patients report feeling a level of comfort and secure fit that they never imagined possible in a denture – and many look years younger with their new dentures!

Don't let missing teeth, or an uncomfortable appliance, hamper your beautiful appearance and enjoyment of life! Call (888) 993-1707 and schedule a consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for comfortable, beautiful, healthy Fountain Of Youth Dentures®!

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