What is a Fountain Of Youth Dentures® in Lawrence?

What is a Fountain Of Youth Dentures® in Lawrence?


Full dentures are probably the most familiar dental appliances. They are composed of a gum-colored (pink) base, with false teeth attached to it. This is the most popular solution for patients who have lost all of their teeth, but the traditional design is not without flaws. Fountain Of Youth Dentures®, available from Drs. Les and Kelly Miller in Lawrence, are the answer to common denture problems.

Issues with the traditional design of dentures

If you wear dentures, you are already familiar with the process of how they are created. The dentist begins by making an impression of the inside of your mouth. The laboratory then uses that impression to create dentures that will fit perfectly against those contours. It may sound like a foolproof plan, but attaining a good fit is not that simple.

As you speak, smile, chew, and swallow different muscles are employed. Because your mouth is not moving at the time the impression is taken, the resulting denture does not provide adequate room for natural contraction and relaxation of these muscles.

Another issue with traditional dentures is one that many patients are unaware of – bone loss. The roots of natural teeth extend into the jawbone, which provides necessary stimulation, encouraging healthy cell rejuvenation. After teeth are lost, the bone tissue begins diminishing, in a process called resorption. Dentures that rest directly on top of the gums do nothing to stop this process.

How Fountain Of Youth Dentures® are different

Fountain Of Youth Dentures® are designed utilizing the advanced principles of neuromuscular dentistry. The design is not based on a single impression of the mouth in one position. They are designed to work with the nerves, muscles, soft tissues, and hard tissues, giving optimal support for movement and relaxation. They also compensate for lost height if bone resorption has already occurred, and they help stimulate the bone to prevent further resorption.

This design has a number of benefits, beginning with ultimate comfort. Fountain Of Youth Dentures® fit well and feel great throughout the day, no matter what you are doing. They also provide structure for facial tissues, which can eliminate many wrinkles and the “sunken” appearance that is so often associated with dentures. Many patients have taken a decade or more off of their appearances, just by replacing their old, uncomfortable dentures with Fountain Of Youth Dentures®!

Wouldn’t you love a set of dentures that feel great, function like real teeth, and make you look younger? It might sound like a dream, but we can make it a reality. Call (888) 993-1707 and schedule your appointment today.

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