Lawrence residents enjoy vibrant, youthful smiles with Fountain Of Youth Dentures®

Lawrence residents enjoy vibrant, youthful smiles with Fountain Of Youth Dentures®


Do you long for the days when you could laugh freely, smile confidently, and eat comfortably? If loose, sloppy, uncomfortable, or unattractive dentures are keeping you from living life to the fullest, it's time to see Drs. Les or Kelly Miller. They provide advanced denture technology, giving residents of Lawrence a reason to smile.

A different design, for a different kind of denture

In the past, a denture was a denture. There was little difference from one to another, even if they belonged to different patients. They were often bulky, poorly fitting, uncomfortable, and unattractive. Various muscles contract and relax as you relax your jaws, chew, speak, or form facial expressions. Ligaments and tissues shift with movement. All of these events alter the contours in your mouth, yet the traditional denture design offers little or no consideration to this.

Fountain Of Youth Dentures® are different. They are designed with the patient in mind.


Unlike traditional dentures, Fountain Of Youth Dentures® are designed for optimal comfort and muscular functionality, using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry. Often, wearers of traditional dentures experience changes in their bite alignment, because bone and gum recession reduce the space between the upper and lower jaw. In addition to causing discomfort, this can shorten the overall length of the face, causing skin to scrunch up and form wrinkles.

Fountain Of Youth Dentures® are unique in the fact that they stimulate alveolar bone and support the facial structure. In addition to helping preserve your jawbone, this exceptional fit allows you to enjoy your favorite foods, and feel great about the appearance of your smile.

Dentures that are designed to fit properly, allow uninhibited muscle relaxation and movement, and restore the bite, provide a level of comfort and stability that you never dreamed possible in a removable appliance. Additionally, they look like stunning, natural teeth and they can reduce wrinkles by supporting the lower face. Our patients love the way they look and feel with Fountain Of Youth Dentures®.

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