Why a Fountain Of Youth Dentures® can restore your smile, and your confidence

Why a Fountain Of Youth Dentures® can restore your smile, and your confidence


Losing their teeth is a common fear of dental patients as they age. Many patients remember their grandparents with dentures that slipped, didn’t fit well, didn’t allow them to eat their favorite foods, and just didn’t look natural. While loss of a tooth, or an entire set of teeth, can have a negative affect a patient’s smile, it can also affect their entire face.

Consider how your teeth support the rest of your face. Your front teeth support your lips, the back teeth supports the rest of your face. If your teeth are missing, then your entire face, front and back, isn’t getting the support it needs leading to a lack of facial fullness or a sunken look. Traditional dentures give patients an improvement in the appearance of your mouth and the ability to eat and speak clearly. However, they don’t provide the necessary support that your face needs.

However, with Fountain Of Youth Dentures®, patients notice a younger and more natural appearance with fuller lips, fewer wrinkles, a more defined chin, and a more volume in the face with a more comfortable fit.

While the Fountain Of Youth Dentures® do require more of an investment than traditional dentures, they are popular among patients because of several advantages.

  • Fountain Of Youth Dentures® gives support to you face while allowing you to enjoy all of your favorite foods. Traditional dentures can lead to an aged appearance over time and do not prevent jawbone deterioration.
  • Traditional dentures can cause uneven pressure on the jawbone, which leads to leads to resorption, or loss of height in the jawbone. Fountain Of Youth Dentures® are carefully made to spread the pressure of bite across the jawbone.
  • Fountain Of Youth Dentures® are preferred over traditional dentures because they offer the patient a greater ability to speak, eat, and laugh without worrying about their dentures. With a better fit patients have the confidence to reclaim all their favorite foods and activities.

Dr. Les Miller and Dr. Kelly Miller are skilled and experienced in helping patients achieve their best smile with a large variety of dental services. If you believe that dentures may be in your future, call the Lawrence Dental Solutions office today to learn more about Fountain Of Youth Dentures®.

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